We are a group of persons practicing the techniques
learnt on the ISI-CNV
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NLP 3 is a name we use for new developments encompassing new areas of application.
We can start by giving a technical explanation of neuro-linguistic programming; above all it is wise to say that NLP originated from the need to organize our thoughts, to discover and improve strategies that we use for work, to understand, love........live! If we become aware of our behavioural patterns and our unconscious plans, we are also in the position to modify them as we wish. NLP supplies methods that show you the "how to" of transformation. What is unique and exciting about it, is that the tools, skills and techniques involved are highly practical, easy to learn and usable by almost anyone in a very short space of time. NLP has been instrumental in changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, professionals and private individuals alike. What makes this mind science unique, is its ability to work for everyone who uses it. And NLP 3 takes to a new level these possibilities!